Lions Positional Outlook: The Quarterbacks

Joseph Beaudet

To begin a new series, we’ll take a look at every position for the Lions, the outlook for this season and the future, and any battles that may begin to take shape. So without further adieu, the quarterbacks

Matthew Stafford is undoubtedly the starter for this team, and will be for the foreseeable future. While hasn’t blazed any with his statistics the last few years, he’s played well under pressure, and has developed into a quarterback that is able to extend plays from time to time. And saying he hasn’t blazed anyone with his numbers is more a testament to the rest of the league and how phenomenal the passers have been over the past few years. Early in his career, Stafford was more of a dangerous passer, throwing into tight holes often, and a few too many interceptions. However, through two full years with Jim Bob Cooter, Stafford’s game has become a lot safer, and allowing his receivers to go make plays after the catch, rather than using Calvin Johnson as a crutch. Without Calvin Johnson, Stafford has been able to spread the ball a lot more to other receivers. In terms of the future, Stafford will be the starter barring some injury.

The battle for backup quarterback could shape up to be an interesting one. Between 2016 sixth rounder Jake Rudock, and career backup Matt Cassel. Jake Rudock has thrown a whopping five passes in his NFL career, for 24 yards and one touchdown… the other team. But Hey! a touchdown is a touchdown. In all seriousness, Cassel seems to have taken the reigns for the No. 2 job, as he got a majority of snaps during minicamp. Cassel is likely the better choice for the backup job as he’s more experienced, has some success as a starter and backup, and is similar to Dan Orlovsky in that he’s backed up some phenomenal quarterbacks in his time. It may be time to give up on the Jake Rudock experiment, the only question is whether or not Bob Quinn will be willing to admit defeat after not taking a quarterback in his third draft with the Lions.

The quarterbacks are probably the most boring position group for the Lions, in that there isn’t really a competition to be had, and there’s only three guys. Fingers crossed this series becomes more appealing as time goes on.


Featured Image is from the Lions best of OTA Week 3 album, Image 16

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