Red Wings Trade Deadline Preview

Joseph Beaudet


This is going to be a combination of a Mrazek trade reaction, and a deadline preview, but primarily a deadline preview.

In a somewhat shocking move, Ken Holland traded away Petr Mrazek to the Philadelphia Flyers for a conditional 2018 fourth-round pick and a conditional 2019 third-round pick. Those conditions are outrageously complicated, so I’m not going to get into it. But, to get that 2019 third, Mrazek needs to resign with the Flyers after this season, which is fairly likely considering he’s a restricted free agent. Reviewing the trade in general, Ken Holland honestly did a nice job. Getting, at worst, a fourth rounder from this year for a player who, just 8 months ago, had no value in the league. Frankly, we know this because Vegas didn’t take him in the Expansion Draft, showing there was no way they could have flipped him for a pick or multiple picks. Enough about Mrazek though, there’s a trade deadline to preview.

It should come to the surprise of only those who’ve been living under a rock for the last two years. The Red Wings are not good at the game we call hockey. With the occasional flash of greatness, this team has shown potential. However, more often than not, we see a team afraid to shoot the puck, a team that is just going through the motions. There are players that have expressed, for lack of better phrasing, annoyance, specifically Henrik Zetterberg on numerous occasions. There’s promising young talent in the system, it’s just a matter of getting them to the NHL and performing well when they arrive. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

Now, I won’t be looking at potential deals for players, just throwing names at a wall and seeing what sticks. Nothing is, in my eyes, too farfetched though. So, now let’s actually get started.

A name we haven’t seen thrown around much is Trevor Daley. At 34 years old, he’s quite clearly reaching the end of his career, and his performances show it. However, he’s been thrust into a Top-4 role with the Wings, which may be a large contributor to his struggles thus far. Now, Daley does have a No-Trade Clause, and it may be difficult to have him wave it. But, for the good of the team, and another chance at winning a Stanley Cup, I’m not sure there’s a player that would pass that up. A potential trade including Trevor Daley alone likely wouldn’t yield much, maybe a mid-to-low level prospect and a late round pick at most. Every little bit counts though, especially during a rebuild.

Frans Nielsen is another name we haven’t seen thrown around much regarding a potential deal, but it just makes too much sense. Nielsen has a full-blown No-Move Clause, so like Daley, it may be difficult to have him waive it. However, there’s no reason for Nielsen to stick around on a team that is rebuilding seeing as he’s 33 years old, and yet to win a Stanley Cup. Nielsen could provide a solid third- or fourth-center option for a contender, but there’s not really a contender in need of a center other than maybe Toronto. Nielsen could yield a mid-to-low level prospect like Daley, but likely a mid-round draft pick as well seeing as he’s younger and provides more to a team offensively.

Luke Glendening’s name is one we’ve seen thrown around of late. It’s surprising to see rumors surrounding him floating around, but it makes sense. The team being linked with him the most is Toronto, and as previously stated, they should be in the market for a center. Glendening is that guy. While he has played on the wing in recent memory, he’s a natural center and was used to shut down Tyler Johnson in the playoffs a few years back, if my memory serves me correctly. Detroit’s asking price for Glendening is reportedly a second-round pick, and while that would be ideal, it’s more reasonable to expect a third rounder at best, and even then, it’s just wishful thinking.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Nashville Predators need goal scoring. They’ve yet to replace James Neal after losing him to Vegas in the Expansion Draft. Insert Gustav Nyquist and/or Tomas Tatar! I’ve talked about this (potential) trade so freaking much, I’m getting sick of it. It just makes too much sense. Both are proven goal-scorers and playing pretty well this season too. The only hitch in a potential deal would be Nyquist’s No-Trade Clause. However, for a chance at a Stanley Cup, there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t waive it. Either player could net a second- or third-round draft pick and a mid-level prospect. But the two together, albeit unprecedented, could easily net a first-round pick and a mildly decent prospect.

You knew this one was coming, Mike Green is almost certainly being traded at the deadline. If he’s not, I think we as Wings fans can definitively say that Ken Holland has lost his mind, and should never show his face in the city of Detroit ever again ever. In all seriousness though, ideally, Mike Green would yield a first-round pick no issue. However, ideal would be the perfect scenario, and that’s just not realistic. Ken Holland may be pretty freakin’ decent at trades, but I don’t know that he can fleece a first-round pick off any team for a 32-year old defenseman that’s more of a liability defensively than anything else. A more realistic hope would be a second-round pick to be frank, but stranger things have happened.

Now, there are more names I’d like to throw around, but I think it’s best I stop here. There’s no reason to believe Ken Holland is going to make any trades at the deadline. The man still thinks this team can sneak into the playoffs. However, a boy can dream about trading away even half the players on this list for a decent return.



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