USMNT Fails to Qualify for World Cup

Joseph Beaudet


This is just stupid. The way this team’s run is quite possibly the worst in all of national soccer.

Should Jurgen Klinsmann have been fired? Maybe. Should Bruce Arena have taken his spot? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Granted, hindsight is 20/20 and I was alright with the Arena hire initially because I knew what he did with the LA Galaxy, I was skeptical. The only thing I like about the way Arena runs this team is how he gives the kids a chance. That’s something Klinsmann never did.

This is a team that got off to a hot start under Bruce Arena, and having only lost two games under him during this tenure, you have to wonder why anyone would want him fired. It’s really quite simple. They’ve lost 2 of the last 4, and only came away with one win in that time. Arena let the US team lose to a much less talented Trinidad & Tobago team who had NOTHING to play for. Simply bragging rights. Arena only started to yell at the players with around 20 minutes to go. It’s the little things.

Simply, the US Men’s National Team needs to be stripped from the top down. Arena–gone. Gulati–gone. Everything in between–gone. This team is one of both young and old talent. Christian Pulisic and Clint Dempsey were the only ones, it seemed, to play with any sort of intensity at the end of the game though. That stems from the manager. It comes from the dressing room feeling that they won’t be reamed for not giving everything. That is a problem.

As per Washington Post, Gulati may have a competitor when the time comes to elect a president. This could be big, and exactly what the US Men’s team needs. The women’s team is fine, they’re kicking everybody’s ass, and will for some time to come. It’s the men that is most concerning.

Managerial replacements are tricky, you want a big name manager, but who’s going to come to a team that isn’t even playing in the World Cup? A name I’ve toyed with and thrown around is Carlo Ancelotti. What a difference he would make to this team. He’s got an absolutely mental winning percentage in recent years, and led Real Madrid to their first Champions League title in 2014. Ancelotti was fired just a few weeks ago after a poor run of form with Bayern Munich.

Another name that’s been thrown around, at the very least in my circle, is Thomas Tuchel. Another manager sacked by their club after a poor run of form–though Tuchel was fired after the season after failing to meet expectations. Though Tuchel would be a difficult hire. After having been linked with the Bayern job, among others undoubtedly, he’d be tough to lure in, especially with the US not playing in the 2018 World Cup.

This men’s National Team is a very talented squad, and has the potential, on paper, to bring the US its first World Cup title. However, at the end of the day, this is not a team that can win under Bruce Arena or Sunil Gulati. We’ve seen this time and time again under Gulati, and this is the second time we’ve seen it under Arena. Time to let go.

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