Wanna Know What Would Be Cool Leading Scorer Rewards

By Eduardo Monk Jr

Basketball is a sport of who can score the most buckets, so averaging the most buckets in the entire league is an accomplishment equivalent to an All-NBA team selection. Being the most efficient scorer on a given team is almost as satisfying. So what would be cool is goofy rewards given only to the leading scorer on every team.


And I guess this one pertains to the NHL as well since leading a team in goals scored is pretty honorable as well.


Now the rewards aren’t like money or a trophy as those would be boring. No, I mean if an NBA player leads their team in scoring, they would be forced (even though I don’t see why they wouldn’t want it) to wear the prestigious top-team-bucket-scoring-jersey (patent pending).


Said jersey is the team’s own home or away jersey (depending on the location of the game) highlighted with flames from bottom to top with the words “TOP SCORER” on the back, just below the numbers. Imagine a  normal NBA jersey but flames coming from the pants up and stopping midway.


This jersey can be moved from player to player, depending on who the team’s leading scorer on a certain night. If there is a tie, the players would agree on a competition including but not limited to…


Rap battle (winner is decided on by panel of judges composed of actual rappers)

Mario Kart

One on One Basketball (With street rules)

Dunk contest

Staring contest

Sack race

Pillow Fights (Loser is decided by who hits the ground or dies first)

Ghost pepper challenge (Winner is who can go without milk the longest)
Thumb war

Guess the Water Brand (Players are blindfolded and drink water from a variety of brands, whoever guesses the most wins)


Talent show

And skeet


This would lead to players secretly obsessing over receiving the  top-team-bucket-scoring-jersey and would create some stupid competition between teammates. Kevin Durant vs. Steph Curry came within .2 points of each other with Curry coming out on top. John Wall vs. Bradley Beal ended up in a tie.


Obviously, no one cared because there was no reason to. But using the  top-team-bucket-scoring-jersey, players would probably really care about something that generally doesn’t matter outside of bragging rights. Which would make everything so much more entertaining.


Come on. I want it to happen and so do you.


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