Wanna Know What Would Be Cool? Custom Championship Jerseys


By Eduardo Monk Jr.

Welcome to the latest series on Sporting Daily! Every Monday and Friday, I will be posting an article explaining some random idea I had that would make the sports world a little more fun. Whether it be messing with the rules, jerseys or flipping an entire league on its head, these articles will be fun little pieces explaining the concept and how it’s actually possible. Or not. Depends on the idea.

So without further adieu, here’s the first edition of Wanna Know What Would Be Cool.


Jerseys are one of the most enjoyable parts of sports. Some are legitimately fashionable, some are legitimately laughable but all are universally recognized by sports fans everywhere. Championship jerseys are even more prized as some only come in once in a lifetime, depending on the specific team.

Which leads to my next point. All championship jerseys get are a little patch on the back, left shoulder or arm. That’s fine and all, but what if the league concocted completely new jerseys for championships.

Gold is a color of champions. The color and the material have been associated with winning for millennia. So for every championship, the league and team customize jerseys that rock gold.

Home teams get black jerseys laced with gold paired with a golden logo and numbers while away teams get clean white jerseys with gold logos and numbers. Teams would only wear them in a championship however if they win, next season’s regular season jerseys would get to use gold as a secondary color as bragging rights by being the reigning champs. Designers are free to use that to what they want with that on a jersey.

Not only would that make games a lot more visually attractive than wearing the same old regular season jerseys, it makes sense from a business perspective. The amount of revenue that could be achieved from selling championship exclusive gear would astronomical.

Sports leagues already make borderline billions from throwing a 120 dollar shirt in our face and requiring us to show our fandoms by buying them. Adding fresh jerseys exclusive to when a team is in a championship just as fans go even crazier for that team is a recipe for millions in income during a championship week.

Everyone loves new jerseys. It’s an exciting time whenever a team announces the latest threads. Having jerseys specifically for a championship? What more could jersey lovers ask for?





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