Banana Boat Crew vs. ‘17 Golden State Warriors: Who Would Win?

By Eduardo Monk Jr

Today folks, we’re answering the age old question that was never asked in the first place- who would win in a 7 game series, the Banana Boat Crew or the 2017 NBA champions Golden State Warriors? With the Warriors wreaking havoc on the power balance in the NBA, is a team of prime Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade good enough to compete against Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green?


Before we hop right into this, let’s lay out some ground rules. This will be played according to the official NBA rulebook with referees on the unbiased court of the Utah Jazz. There will be no center and no substitutions, so a 48 minute game of 4 on 4. Fatigue and injuries are turned off because we don’t want those will not be factors in a loss. There are no coaches. Also, to keep this interesting, we will use each of the Banana Boat Crew’s players in their best season while the Warriors are the 2017 versions of themselves.


So let’s hop to it.



Golden State                                                                          Banana Boat Crew

Points:82.9                                                                             Points:111.9

Rebounds: 24.4                                                                     Rebounds:24.4

Assists:20.6                                                                            Assists:29.5

Steals:5.7                                                                                Steals:8.0

Blocks:3.7                                                                               Blocks:2.9

*Stats are calculated by adding up every player’s averages from their respective seasons.
Statistically, the Banana Boat Crew smash the Warriors in everything except blocks and tying in rebounds. But we know stats aren’t everything. When it comes down to it, the Warriors would be giving the Crew fits all series due to their three point shooting and their total chemistry.


The Warriors are famed for their marvelous chemistry. Look no further than their top notch passing and their fast paced play. Only the closest of friends could pull of some of the plays this team can. Teams are often playing catch-up more than basketball when playing the Dubs. Their elite three point shooting only makes this team that much more dangerous.


The Crew have three point shooting but not to levels of Curry, Klay and Durant. Nicknames aside, the three of them are easily the best three point shooting trio in NBA history. There is not a lead in the world the Banana Boat Crew can achieve that will be safe against the Warriors.


What puts the Warriors over the top is their…their, uhhh, defense. Yeah. They can defend…well.


Ahhhh, who am I kidding, the Banana Boat Crew would destroy the Warriors due to their pure star power and chemistry. Those 4 are the best of friends and their play styles fit together way too well. Paul runs the offense and anchors the defense, Melo is the volume scorer, Wade is the secondary scorer while LeBron does it all and makes everyone else better at the same time. Not to mention they have 44 All-Star and 35 All-NBA appearances between them.


While they may not be able to keep up from behind the line, that isn’t going to matter when you look at everything else on the offensive end. Plus, Paul and Wade are stellar defenders and in their primes, would almost completely negate any three point advantage the Warriors have from Curry and Thompson.


The Warriors have a couple of MVPs but it’s Draymond Green and Klay Thompson that bring them down. They’re good players but in this series, it’s 4 of the greatest players in today’s NBA against 2 greats and 2 All-Stars. In their prime, the Banana Boat crew would beat any actual NBA team in history’s Big Four. In the end, it’s a clear sweep by the Banana Boat Crew.


What was the point of this article then, you may ask? Well, my fellow NBA fan, there honestly was none. Sports are in total hibernation mode and with not much to write, why not read a dumb article with no point before we start up again with another intense cycle in the world of sports.


And who knows, with the careers of the Banana Boat Crew crawling to a close, let’s not be surprised to see the teamup of these 4 before the Warriors’ end. With the Arms Race occurring due to the Dubs’ dominance, no move is too desperate for players and teams to stay competitive.

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