Is it time for QPR to press the Panic Button?

Joseph Beaudet


Ah yes, now we’re talking. The club I love so dearly, the only one that could possibly pull me in. And then I learned that they are terrible. Simply put, QPR should’ve hit the Panic Button awhile ago. Since 2015, they’ve had six managers. Yes. SIX. They are playing musical chairs until they find a successful manager. And frankly, Neil Warnock or Harry Redknapp can easily be that, but that’s neither here nor there. QPR fans should be panicking, and it’s not even close to being not panicking.

For starters, they need to sort out the managerial role. Bringing back either Warnock or Redknapp is the best option in my honest opinion. Ian Holloway just doesn’t cut it. The man led the team to just seven wins in 20 games in charge this past season, which is fine, except for the fact that this side wasn’t safe from relegation until the second to last matchweek. How does that happen? Holloway didn’t do much to help the team and, if anything, made them worse. I am never one to bash a coach or manager of my favorite team, but holy hell, Ollie is bad.

Now, let’s trash the players!! I don’t get the chance to watch many QPR games, but I did get to watch the first game last season, a 3-0 win at Loftus Road. I saw life in that team, I saw desire, I saw heart, and I saw tenacity. I didn’t get the chance to watch any more games, but going off memory and what I saw on social media, the team didn’t have any performances like that, even in a loss. Losing Tjaronn Chery in January obviously hurt, he was far and away my favorite player in the year and a half he was with the club. Losing Sebastian Polter hurt, but he was homesick and returned to his former club, no hard feelings. But with lackluster ‘replacements’ in Sean Goss and Matt Smith, QPR were left begging in the Championship this past season. There isn’t a single player in the team that screams quality, but you don’t always need quality to win a title, you need heart, as shown by Leicester City just two seasons ago. As shown by Huddersfield Town in the Championship last season. You don’t need to have the best players on paper, you need to have players that have the best heart and play with the most tenacity and drive. One of few bright spots in the team was Alex Smithies who was the No. 1 keeper for the full season for the first time. Having kept 7 clean sheets with a mediocre defense is impressive. Not to mention the penalty saves he had this year.

I didn’t watch enough Championship matches this past season to truly judge QPR, I watched one, but I do know when a team is struggling, and they did exactly that. Frankly, their only hope is effectively revamping their entire attack and one centreback to play alongside Grant Hall. They can bring players in on loan, but that’s a short term solution, and won’t do them any good in the Premier League. The club can look to Huddersfield Town as examples. Nearly relegated two years ago, to now being promoted to the Premier League team. It takes heart. Not always talent.

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