Bryce Harper vs Hunter Strickland

Alexander Lewis

It’s the 2014 NLDS. Game 1. Bottom of the 7th inning. The Giants are up 3-0, and Hunter Strickland faces Bryce Harper. The pitch is thrown, and Harper crushes a homerun into the upper deck at National’s Park, and the crowd becomes energized. Strickland is humiliated, but the Giants still hold on to win the game. As you probably know, the Giants then went on to top the baseball world and be crowned World Series champions. Fast forward three years. The Giants play the Nationals in a regular season game, and Strickland faces Harper for the first time since the 2014 NLDS. The pitch is thrown, and Harper is nailed square in the hip. Harper is pissed off, and starts talking to Strickland. Posey, the Giants’ catcher, does not hold Harper back which was peculiar. Instead, he turned into a boxing announcer and said, “In this corner,at 6 feet, 4 inches, weight in at 220 pounds, Huuuuuuuunter Striiiiiiickland! And, in this corner, at 6 feet, 3 inches, weighing in at 216 pounds, Bryyyyyyyce Haaaarpeeer.” The fight begins as Harper, pointing the bat at Strickland, charges the mound furiously. He then throws his helmet off in rage (nowhere near Strickland) and charges at Strickland. They each try to punch each other, and only Harper connects on one of his attempts. Benches clear, and Strickland has to be carried off by three of his teammates, including Hunter Pence (who is on the DL). The pushing and shoving continues, and eventually would be broken up by the players, coaches, and umpires. When tempers simmered, the game ensued and the Nationals won the game 3-0. Now, Strickland is suspended for 6 games and Harper is gone for 4.

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