What’s Next for the Bulls?

Alexander Lewis


What’s next for the Bulls? Well, after blowing a 2-0 lead against the 1-seeded Boston Celtics, many fans are asking this question. There are many directions in which the Bulls can go, but I will write about the path that I think (and hope) that they will take. The Bulls squeaked into the playoffs this year, and then after losing their “coach” in Rajon Rondo after two games, they were doomed. As the offseason rolls around, and Wade or Rondo aren’t getting any younger, the front office has a lot of decisions to make. Speaking of the front office, they shouldn’t be the ones making the decisions. Gar Forman (Bulls General Manager) and John Paxson (Bulls Vice President of Basketball Operations), also known as GarPax, should be fired. Many Bulls fans, not just me, would agree. Don’t get me wrong, they are great people. Paxson was a great player for the Bulls in the first 3-peat, but they need to be gone. Reinsdorf (Bulls owner) needs to do this. They have a lot of talent, especially in Jimmy Butler, and we don’t want to see it go to waste. Many fans also wanted to see Jimmy Butler be traded. I completely disagree. Jimmy Butler is extremely talented, both on offense and defense. If we can build a young core surrounding him (Bobby Portis, Paul Zipser), then we can be a contender. In the Bulls game 1 win, Bobby Portis scored 19 points in 29 minutes, along with ¾ from behind the 3-point line. Nikola Mirotic scores 4 points in 19 minutes and goes 0-5 from behind the arc. Who does Hoiberg (Bulls coach) start in game 2? Mirotic. Why? I don’t know. I love Mirotic, but Portis had the hot hand. Portis is a good player and will keep developing, so I don’t see the downside in playing him more. I also really like Paul Zipser. He scored 16 points in the Bulls’ game 2 win against the Celtics, and 32 points in the first three games. He was drafted 48th overall in last year’s draft, and has started to become a decent player. He will continue to develop, and be apart of the young core i hope the bulls will eventually have. The Bulls need to draft more quality players in order to support Butler. I think the Bulls can be contenders in the future, but it all starts with the front office.

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